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Level-up Your Partner Marketing with PartnerOps.

Too often, partner teams and partner operations get lost among RevOps priorities, which can result in missed opportunities and upset partners.


Companies spend money on cool marketing tools and the partner team doesn't know how to use them effectively.


We can help.

We create scalable partner marketing programs that lead to more closed deals, and make your marketing tech stack work for your partner team. 

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Penultimate works with growing tech firms looking to launch ChannelOps initiatives and leverage partnerships and marketing tools to build brand awareness and drive sales. 

Partnership Leaders
REPAY - Digital Payments
Fraxion Spend Management Software
15Five Performance Management
YayPay AR Automation

How We Can Help Your Partner Program

Partner Marketing Operations Assessments

In many technology companies, partner marketing gets pushed down the to-do list. Our Partner Marketing Operations Assessment will explore your partner marketing processes and provide actionable feedback to help your partner team spend less time on process and more time engaging partners.

Workshops to get the most out of your partner marketing tools

Investing in a PRM, partner marketing automation platform, or new marketing tool is a great first step, but it's not enough.
You also need to know how to use it effectively. That's where we come in. We offer workshops that will help you and your partner team get the most out of your investment in new tools.

Partner Marketing Operations Engagements

Looking for more Partner Marketing Operations help? We can do long term engagements to build more efficient and effective partner marketing programs and sales processes that lead to more closed partner deals.

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Why Penultimate

In track and field jumps, the penultimate (second to final) step is crucial for setting up for a successful launch and an optimized jump. Similarly, Penultimate Channel Marketing helps companies get setup for launching successful partner marketing initiatives.

Meet the Founder

Kristen Roeter

Kristen Roeter has been in partner marketing for over 15 years, offering a unique perspective learned from working for a Microsoft reseller partner early in her career, prior to jumping to the integrated tech partner side. Before starting Penultimate in 2017, she spent five years in partner marketing at Avalara. She has worked within leading ERP and eCommerce ecosystems and has helped multiple FinTech, MarTech, and HRTech companies launch their partner marketing programs and streamline their partner marketing operations. 

Kristen is passionate about building scalable partner marketing programs and optimizing partner tools to help technology companies expand their reach. She is a founding member of Partnership Leaders and ran marketing operations for them as it grew to over a thousand partnerships professionals. 


Kristen graduated from Whitworth University with a double major in Marketing and Business Management. It was while competing in sprints and jumps with Whitworth's Track and Field team that she learned the value of the penultimate step. 

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Mercer Island, WA, USA


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